Long Black Veil – The Vampyre Salon Noir Tampa Ed.

  • Event Date: 22 - Mar - 2019
  • Time:22:00
  • Location:Tampa, FL
  • Venue:The Castle

Long Black Veil – Tampa Edition

Endless Night Productions presents Long Black Veil (LBV) the original Vampyre / vampire salon noir mixing elegant couture, victorian, ritual and esoteric themes.

LBV was envisioned by Empress Chi Chi Valenti of MOTHER NYC and Father Sebastiaan of Endless Night Productions. The first edition began in 1997 and launched in the Meat Packing District of NYC (Gotham Halo).

Inspired by the Salon Noir events of La Belle Epoque Paris (1872-1914) where Vampyres, sorcerers, witches, wolves, dark fae and other spirits of the night gather at the in this dark inner court.

LBV is a neutral ground for all who are clad in primarily black attire with accents of dark reds, emeralds and silver are welcomed. Fangs are encouraged and art, music, poetry and Magick are expressed.

The Gates open at 10pm promptly with a toast and cleansing of the space by the hosts. 11pm is a reading of a Black Veil and a burlesque performance followed by midnight ritual and howl to honor the Ancients. The evening is capped off with dancing to our majestic DJs weaving dark ambient music.

Original Black Veils

21 to feed
All black, fangs and legacy ankhs preferred.
What happens in LBV stays in LBV
No feeding on the premises, this is take out only.

We ♥ u.
Carpe Noctum