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Castle Cosplay Night- Lucky Number 7- 8.18.18

Would you kindly join us in celebrating a decade of Rapture for the lucky seventh installment of Castle Cosplay Night? Guest judges Alice Malice and epiDEMIc join host Escape the Vault to take you somewhere beyond the sea. Visit the Rapture lounge to enjoy unique Plasmid cocktails and select tunes from both Rapture and Columbia. Don’t worry, Andrew Ryan’s Splicers are under control, so don’t worry about sharing your ADAM with them!

18+ admitted with valid government-issued ID, 21+ to drink.

Doors open 10:30-2:30, event ends at 3am. We get the dungeon again, as well!

Costume Contest Awards:

*Best in Show: All three judges must agree on this category. Winner gets $200 cash!
*Best Duo/Group: Again, all judges must agree on this category. Group gets $100 cash!
*Judge’s Choices (one per judge) Each judge will choose their own winner independently of the other two.
*Most Creative: this award is targeted at things like original characters, creative mashups, interesting takes on an existing character, or the use of creative materials. All three judges must agree on this.
*Honorable Mentions (number will vary)

$10 cover. DJs Mark Paradise and Tom Gold in the main ballroom, and Sean out on the patio/in the dungeon.

Costumes must be street legal, and weapons must be conform to state/federal laws- orange tips, no projectiles, no real blades or bats.

Fabulous body painter Orlando Pagan will be on site to transform you into a Little Sister, Splicer, or character of your choosing-

Hate symbols of any kind, even historical or pop culture (I’m looking at you, Wolfenstein) are not permitted. PLEASE NO FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE RAVEN ROBES.

All military/service/law enforcement costumes must be distinguishable from official uniforms.

Shoes are required. Open-toed shoes are allowed but not recommended. Skates are not allowed.

Please be respectful of other patrons, in or out of cosplay. Cosplay is not the equivalent of consent.

The Castle has ZERO tolerance of drug use or underage drinking. Just don’t do it.

PLEEEEEEASE tip the venue staff. They work extra hard on nights like these to make us all have fun and feel welcome.


*Alice Malice*

Alice is a veteran in cosplay. She’s been actively bringing her favorite characters to life since she was 16 years old. She is passionate about both her “traditional” cosplays and her more provocative, edgy cosplays- she was one of the launch models for My Geek Goddess. She is a longtime friend of host Escape the Vault, who is thrilled to welcome her to the event.


epiDEMIc has been a cosplayer since her early teens, frequenting anime cons and costume events all over the US. Specializing in Sci-Fi and the generally weird, she’s best known for her Mars Attacks! Scout and Oblina (Ahhh! Real Monsters) cosplays. Winner of 2016 Castle Star Wars Night, 2017 Paradise City Comic Con’s Late Night Runway Show, and Best in Show winner of Castle Cosplay Night Volume 6, she is excited to test her chops as a judge!

*Escape the Vault*

EtV is much newer to cosplay, only having cosplayed for about six years. She is most commonly seen as Jack (Mass Effect 3) which she recently won “Best Screen Accuracy” with at DragonCon, Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition) or something from the Fallout games. This is her seventh time hosting Cosplay Night and hopes it’s the best one so far.

For those of you just looking for a good time with like-minded people, costumes aren’t required. 😉

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