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From the blog

Fursona: A Furry And Fur Play Party – Saturday, November 9th

The Castle’s first ever Furry/Fur play party.

Here Kitty-Kittys! Welcome to Fursona!

The Castle’s very first Furry and Fur Play party is sure to be the cat’s meow! Are you a curious kitty? You should be! Because this time curiosity THRILLED the cat!

We invite all you cutesy kittys, mangy mutts and bad bunnies for a whimsical evening of furry fun! Come down and shake your tail feathers on the dance floor! Our songbirds DJ Sean, DJ Neiva & DJ Hural and your favorite, fuzzy, flock of dancers are sure to get you moving to that feline beat!

We have a zoo of entertaining critters! Come see what the cat dragged in! Furlesque performances by the purring pair Teddy Mayday & Zia Sandia will make you glad your left your nest. Moon Child, the lovely lioness, will leave you smiling like a Cheshire Cat as she wags her tail back and forth. Black Lily, the acrobatic animal, will stun you like a deer in headlights as she flies high and swings from vines! These perky pets are definitely not your average dog and pony show!

Let your Fursona out of their cage and clad yourself in fur and feathers! Surround yourself in a sea of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creatures! $500 will be awarded to our furry friend who proves them self to be the coolest cat in the costume contest! Cats, bats, dogs, rats, cows, birds, pigs and animals of all species are welcome to take their paw at winning.

Browse our burrow of cutesy cat ears, fluffy fox tails and all sorts animal aesthetics provided by our vendors Bat Infested Inc, ZETA and more. Watch like a hawk as skin becomes scales with live body painting! And playful pups might even enjoy some heavy petting! You’ll be happier than a pig in…. well, we won’t go there.

It looks like the cat is out of the bag with this one! Get yourself out of the dog house because it is time to horse around with your host Dee Dee ZETA! We are going to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Scurry, pounce or even waddle on over to the Castle on Nov 9th to be a part of this epic jungle!

Purchase tickets at
Tickets are $12 dollars in advance or $15 at the door.

Fursona is an 18+ party

The Castle
2004 N 16th St
Tampa, FL 33605

DJ Sean
DJ Neiva
DJ Hural

Furlesque Performers-
Teddy Mayday & Zia Sandia
Moon Child

Aerial Performer-
Black Lily

GoGo Dancers-
Dee Dee ZETA
Marissa Fox
Franki Markstone
Meek Mayhem
Jacquelynn Obsidian

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