From the blog

From the blog

Re-open on October 16th

We would like to make a post to give everyone a heads up about the Castle reopening Friday night at 10:30pm and what to expect. We know everyone has been asking and now we will give you some answers.

We are going to start at the door and work from there. There will be no free cover, sorry. Maybe we will be able to bring it back in the future, maybe not. IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING GOOD PLEASE STAY HOME. We are limiting capacity therefore we will not be allowing reentry. The whole club will be open as to further disperse people. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES UNLESS YOU ARE ACTIVELY CONSUMING YOUR BEVERAGE. There will be NO SMOKING inside the building. We have the patio and will be providing an expanded outside smoking area so that you do not have to actually leave to smoke and will have more space to spread out. There will be hand sanitizer throughout the club. Unfortunately it’s safer for you if we use plastic cups, I’m sure you understand. We have also added a lot more seating with tables, don’t worry the dance floor isn’t affected. Oh guys this one’s for you! You now have a sink and accouterments! There’s some other cosmetic updates as well but you’ll see those for yourselves. If we’ve forgotten anything we’ll add it. Sorry for the long post but it was necessary. CHEERS! and SEE YOU FRIDAY!

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