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From the blog

Castle Cosplay Night IV – Saturday, January 14th

YESSSSSSSS ladies and gents, it is that time again! Another Castle Cosplay Night. The winter ones are fantastic because then it’s cool enough for the elaborate gowns and superb armor (or whatever you wanna do)! Wear your best/favorite costumes and come party with us! Everything welcome, be it video game, anime, horror, tv, history, hell even science!

$10 Cover
18+ with VALID government issued id (driver license, id card, passport, military id)
Costume contest at 1:30 am in the Red Room!!

Note: we do NOT do the costume contest onstage! We don’t interrupt the flow of the djs, or the people dancing and having a good time. So, if you want to know who wins, either stay posted in here, or join us in the Red Room! (The separate bar room right at the top of the stairs.


$200 for Best in Show
$100 for Best Duo/Group
Custom certificates designed by Spider-Menace for all winners

Costume contest judges:

Vita DeVoid- burlesque and nerdlesque extraordinaire, Vita not only has a solo career but also heads up Thee Vaudevillains. She has performed as all kinds of beloved characters ranging from Lucille Ball, the Joker, Thranduil, Queen Amidala, and more.

Spider-Menace- cosplayer, artist, and graphic designer, Spider-Menace is also an avid gamer and comic fan known for his Spider-man and Altaïr. He also does the artwork for these events and is available for commissions!

Escape the Vault- cosplayer, gamer, gogo, and former model, Escape the Vault has been all over the board, portraying varied characters from Lydia Deetz to Cleo DeNile (Monster High) to Morrigan (Dragon Age) to her (literally) award-winning Jack (Mass Effect 3).

DJs Mark Paradise, KC Killjoy, and Tom Gold in the ballroom, DJ Sean on the patio

Coat check $2/item; cosplay repair items, tums, ibuprofin, etc for tips.

Stuff you should know:

1) Castle Cosplay Night is inclusive of all cosplayers. Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees, and be aware of your surroundings.

2) Costumes must be “street legal”

3) Open toed footwear is permitted, but not recommended.

4) All military, law enforcement, and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

5) Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols (i.e. swastikas, etc), will not be tolerated.

6) Rollerblades, roller skates, and skateboards are not allowed in the event space.

7) Stilts are allowed, as long as you are wearing them.

8) Prop weapons must conform with state/federal laws. (Orange tips, etc.) Projectile weapons must be rendered inoperable.

8) No signs offering services or making requests to be hugged/touched.

9) The Castle has a zero tolerance policy for drug use and underage drinking.

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