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From the blog

Endless Night: Tampa Vampire Salon “Summer 2018” Edition

Father Sebastiaan cordially invites you to the Court of Lightning Bay – The Tampa Vampire Salon Summer 2018 Edition. This is a semi public and invite only gathering for the Vampire Culture (VC) of Florida. All are welcome who come with respect, love and loyalty.

It will be held in the Dungeon of the Castle Ybor.

DRESS CODE is all black formal attire as seen on the Vampire Salon Pinterest. Red, Purple and Silver accents are also allowed.
Fangs, Contacts and Legacy Ankhs are encouraged.

Please review the Vampire Culture FAQ at if you haven’t already.

BLACK VEILS : If you wish to know more in-depth the Vampire Culture from the perspective of the Sabretooth Clan please read the book Black Veils: The Vampire Lexicon. This will give you the most out of the experience. Copies will be available for $23 at the court and signed by Father Sebastiaan.


9:00pm – Gates Open. Grab a Bloodbath from the bar its happy hour if you show your fangs and Legacy Ankh to the bartender.
9:20pm – Lecture on the origins of the Vampire Culture and Community by Father Sebastiaan
10:00pm – Opening toast by Father Sebastiaan and Joy Felicity followed by the Vampire Howl.
10:10pm – Readings of the Black Veils by Alandra and two other volunteers.
10:45pm – Raffle for fundraiser TBA.
11pm – Performances.
12am – Ritual Communion for the blessing of the Halo of Lightning Bay for those who wish to participate.
12:15am – After party with dancing and music.
2:00am – Gates Close.

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